F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

Irontooth the Invincible!

After arriving at Wrafton’s Inn, the trio decide to take a quick rest and see if there is anything that can be done. Afterwards, they run into Daphnie who seems very different then she was a few days ago. Once they approach her, she tells them that there is more going on then they see as she breaks character. She returns to her chipper self and continues work around the inn. Salvana and Gworomere do a bit more flirting as Vladimir notices the hooded figure in the corner. He assumes that that that is Valthrun. Once they speak to him, they are informed to head towards the waterfall Northeast of town. Once the three arrive there, they meet some kobolds. Assuming this is where their main villain is, they continue on forward to only run into more Kobolds. Some Kobolds escape the battle and go to warn their master, Irontooth. They enter into a cave behind the waterfall. Many kobolds immediately attack them and they call upon Irontooth, the kobold general. The three escape the cave with a note from Kalarel and some gold as they inadvertently destroy the kobold attacks on Winterhaven.

Shadow of the Keep

Gworomere, Vladimir, and Gwillym notice that time seems to be reapeating itself. Salvana is stealing from the same villagars she stole from a week ago, the woman is laughing and busty, and a hooded figure is sitting in the back corner. When they tried to approch the figure, he disappears leaving the three very restless and confused. Not knowing what to do, the three get a room and sleep the evening off. The next day, Gworomere tries to convince Salvana that he knows her and that they care for each other, but only gets shot down and told that she is currently engaged. (Leading Gwillym to believe that she likes and prefers dwarfs.) While walking in town, they notice Daphine is stading right where she was a week ago, except this time with white flowers. They once again ask her about the keep. This time, though, she claims that the keep is “Northwest of town where the white flowers are. The ruins are all over the place though.” While asking around town about the key and the symble on the key, the only responce they could get out of anyone is to ask Valthrun. Unable to find him for days, the trio decide to stake out during the night to attempt to find Valthrun only to find Daphine walking in and out of the gate. In Winterhaven, the gate closes securly shut at night, but the young woman seems to walk through it as if there wasn’t anything there. She is holding a basket of colorful flowers in her arms. The next day, Gworomere, once again, attempts to get Salvana to realize their connection, but he, and his friends, are meeted with a dwarf. After many ales, Gwillym and the dwarf laugh it off and he leaves without taking Salvana as his bride. She trusts them once more and tells him to meet her that night at the gate. Late that night, Gworomere meets up with Salvana, with Vladimir and Gwillym in the alleyway for backup. She takes him out of the gate and tells him that the town must be under a spell that they can’t break. She gives him a key and tells him to use it. She says that he will know what it’s for. She also gives him a note saying “Follow the smell of blood. Breath and Silence are your friend.” She also explains to him that the symbol on the artifact is the symbol of Orcus. She thanks him for saving her from marrying the dwarf and walks back into Winterhaven. Once past the gates, Gworomere forgets everything that just happens and is very confused at the key in his hands. He reads the note and just stuffs it inside of his pocket. After a couple more days of searching for Valthrun to attempt to figure out more about the keep and the artifact found, they head back to Wrafton’s Inn.

Citizens and the Kobolds

After escaping the major’s house, Gwillym, Gworomere, and Vladimir decide to start looking around the town for answers. In the town’s square, they run into a young woman named Daphnie Moongem. She is a barmaid at Wrafton’s Inn and instantly recognizes the trio. In the process of asking about the keep, the only thing they could get out of her is that the keep is “north of town where the purple flowers are!” While continuing investigations, Gwillym, Gworomere, and Vladimir are able to figure out that the koblolds are becoming very active, that no one seems to know a single thing about the death cult, the main church in Winterhaven is a church of Avandra the Goddess run by a priest named Kalarel, and that no one in Winterhaven who leaves makes it back. Vladimir tells the other two that they should go and investigate the keep. They leave Winterhaven and head north, just as Daphnie said, but could not find a single purple flower, only white flowers. They find some ruins, but are still unsure if this is the keep or not. Vladimir checks for magic but can’t seem to sense anything. The next evening while in the tavern in Wrafton’s Inn, the three notice a hooded figure very similar to one that Vladimir noticed the night before watching them again. Once approched, they discover that he is a warlock named Valthrun here to help. He explains to the trio that the kobolds are in line with the death cult and that “Nothing is as it seems. Time shifts and things change.” While discussing with Valthrun, Gworomere notices that the innkeeper, Salvana, is walking around the bar tending to the guests. He attempts to go over to steal from her only to be caught but to also catch her stealing from him as well. Neither succeed but share a moment. After resting for a couple more nights, during this time giving Salvana and Gworomere some more time to bond over thievery, and gaining some information linking the kobolds to the death cult, the trio decide to gain supplies and head out towards where Valthrun last told them the kobold’s hideout was. In a store they were hoping to gain supplies, was an old halfling named Elian “The Old” Wrafton, Salvana’s father reveling that Salvana is currently promised to a dwarf from the southern tribe. They also discover that the Wrafton family owns most of Winterhaven and is considered great wealth in the area. Ellian, also, explains to them, unknowingly, a bit more about the death cult, reveling that they meet up and use blood magic. After leaving the town, the trio head towards the kobold’s lair, battling many kobolds along the way. They battle Agrid, a halfling leading the kobolds, and gain a strange artifact with a strange symbol and a piece of parchment they know nothing about. The trio immediately return to Winterhaven only to find the town very dark feeling. All of the citizens seem nervous and angry at the three. If asked, the people seem to not quite know why they feel so nervous, they just do. They return to Wrafton’s Inn just in time for Gworomere to see Salvana, only she doesn’t recognize the three and even succeeds in stealing from them again. They enter the bar only to hear a very loud woman’s laughter and the tavern packed.

The Town of Winterhaven

As the trio travels outside of Fallcrest, they run into a small group of kobolds who seemed ready and ordered to attack anyone and anything traveling along the bath. The three defeat the menance quickly. Afterwards, Gwillym, Gworomere, and Vladimir enter a small town of Winterhaven. Where they find it strange to find the town mostly quiet since it is mid-evening. Most of the people are acting as if nothing is going on. There seems to be no sign of any death cult. The three decide to head to the towns only inn, Wrafton’s Inn. Once inside Wrafton’s Inn, it seems that most of the town is inside the tavern attached to the inn. The side tavern is lout and vibrant as the trio is greeted by the owner of the inn: Salvana Wrafton. After getting a room, Gwillym decides to head towards the tavern while Vladimir and Gworomere go up to the room. Once inside the room, Gworomere realizes that he was stolen from; as does Vladimir. Gworomere decides to head down towards the tavern to ask if Gwillym has been as well, but he doesn’t seem to care. The bar is loud as they hear the boasting laughter of a very wealthy woman. As Gworomere scans the room to find out who stole from him and to scope out the wealth of the town. He notices that the loud woman seems to have the most money on her in the tavern. Since there is such a crowd, Gworomere decides to get Gwillym drunk enough to hit on the wealthy woman. He was successful in both getting Gwillym drunk to hit on the woman and enough to steal quite a bit from her. The woman decides to take the trio, mainly Gwillym, home with her. They end up at a very nice home where the maid shows Vladimir and Gworomere to their room while Gwillym heads upstairs with the woman. After entering their room Gworomere decided to steal little bits and pieces from around the house. After resting, Gworomere steals a bit more from the main lobby in the house only to hear a man enter the house. The man turns out to be the mayor of Winterhaven. While Vladimir distracts the mayor while Gworomere frantically attempts to wake Gwillym up. He, eventually, succeeds and the three make it out alive without any conflict.

Meeting and Mission
Gwillym, Vladamir Warizly, and Gworomere Wrafton all enter the town of Fallcreast. Nothing truly major is happening in the town. The three all enter the same bar unaware of each other. Gwillym starts up a bit of ruckus sending the whole bar, consisting of mainly humans and halflings, into a whole bar fight. In the mits of everything going on, Vladamir decides to leave the area not wanting to be involved in the fight. In the mits of the fight Gworomere decided that the bar figtht is a great distraction to pickpocket some men in the bar getting away with only a few. Once the fight dies down, Gwillym and Gworomere, getting caught during his last attempt at theft, were both thrown out. As the two look at each other, a bit rangled up, and staring at a Eladrin. The three notice a hooded figure running away from the bar. They institative chase. Vladamir recognizes the the figure from a corner inside the bar. They chase the figure into an empty allyway. Gworomere notices a small trap door and opens it. Gwillym starts to pee inside of it only to find that the figure is down inside of the door. Once side, the three find out that the figure is a young woman named Marla. She is a young priest of Pelor following in her older brother’s footsteps. Her brother, Parle Cranewing hires Gwillym, Vladimir, and Gworomere to head to the town of Winterhaven to defeat a priest named Kalarel and his death cult. He requires that the trio bring back proof and to also convert the church into a churhc of Pelor. The three accept, gather supplies, and head towards the town of Winterhaven.

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