As priest of Orcus, Kalarel heads a death cult to uncover the truth about the Shadowfell Keep. She uses a staff and religious magics to attempt to defeat the PCs.


Kalarel has been researching the truth about the Shadowfell Keep for many years only finding records dating back to the time of the original opening of the rift. Since then, he has been ceaselessly reaching an evil ritual that the believes will allow him to shatter the seal and once more open the rift. After gaining control of the keep, he places agents in the surrounding areas. Kalarel has established dominion over a tribe of goblins that had settle up a lair within the subterranean chambers beneath the keep. Kalarel has ordered the kobolds in the area to harass and, iv possible, eliminate anyone to the vicinity who have the potential to delay or thwart the priest’s plans.


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