F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended


Tired of waking up again and again from a dream, the trio once again test to see if everything that is happening is real. Everything seems normal, but Vladimir senses magic that he once again can’t seem to pinpoint. They assume its from the used-to-be inn. They decide to continue on forward. Not know how much time has passed, the group decides to continue on forward as fast as they can. They reach a fork in the road with a sign that points to the right saying “Bloodreavers Hideout”. As they look to the right, they notice a black wavering wall in their way. Not knowing what is in that direction, and believe the little sign to be false, they lead right towards the town of Vadriar. On the road, they come across a group known as the “Red Eye Gang”, but have no affiliation with the Bloodreavers. They defeat the Red Eye Gang and continue on their way. Eventually, after battling remains of the Red Eye Gang along the road, they come across a very thriving town called Vadriar. The town seems pretty nice and everyone seems very happy to see them. They speak of how they have heard of F.A.T.V.O.E and praise the group for saving Winterhaven. The people seem very happy, but their happiness seems to get in the way of asking them questions about the Bloodreavers making the group extremely frustrated, all except for Gworomere, who, also, seems ridiculously happy. The happiness spreads to Gwillym, and only Vladimir seems to be unaffected by the glee that seems to be spreading. They head to the closest inn, against Vladimir’s will, and drink until they can’t drink anymore. They all gain the attention of three women who lead the trio into different places alone. Gworomere’s woman is a short, but very cute, but tall brunette elf who seems very intelligent and who leads him to “her house”. She tries to seduce him, but fails as he keeps repeating, though he is drunk, that he has a fiancee’. She continues until he passes out. Gwillym’s young woman is a dark haired halfling who tries and tries again to argue and fight with Gwillym. Gwillym seems to have no care about fighting or being seduced. She invites him to a room upstairs and he follows unknowingly. She attempts to seduce him and all seems well until he falls asleep. Vladimir’s seducer is a cute, but ditsy blonde human. She tries again and again to bring him across the street to where she claims to own a tavern, but he refuses. Finally, he agrees to come when she mentions that she has some weapons and spell books as well. As the only one not drunk, he puts up a fight with his “friend” until she beats up, ties him up and steals his gold he has on him


KatherineGomez KatherineGomez

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