F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

The Time-traveling River

Gwillym, Gworomere, and Vladimir decide, after telling each other the strange dreams that they had, that they no longer wish to stay at the inn. They quickly leave. As they walk outside, they notice that it must be fall. Months have passed and as they decide they want to go speak to the owners of the inn, it is not longer there. All that remains in the spot of The Halfmoon inn is a nice grain field. The trio continue down the path, but nothing is the same. On the path, they run into some gnolls and duergars. They quickly defeat their opponents and leave as quickly as possible. The trio then arrive at a river. Covered in blood of their previous battles, they decide they need to wash up a bit. After cleaning themselves up, they look onto the riverbank to find that all of their equipment and cloths have been stolen. As they frantically look for any sign of their items, they see a very beautiful dwarf. She seems to be cleaning herself and starts to speak to the trio. After not getting any response from her, Vladimir discovers magic on her and demises it. She, now a duergar, attacks the trio along with some scouts who have come out of the water. The trio defeat her luckily without any problems. They dunk their heads underneath the water, and the leaves have chanced. It seems to be summer. The air is warm, and the water feels nice and cool. The trio look around for anything they can use to cover themselves to no avail. They happen upon some adventurers on the bank who all attack the trio assuming they are enemies. After convincing the group they are not the enemy, they are pushed into the water. As they come up, they realize that it is freezing cold and is now winter. They start to shiver as they notice a little blonde girl staring at them. They call out to her as another child, a boy, with dark hair walks up to her. As the naked adventurers call out to the children, the children start to scream and run off to their parents. Their parents seem to be future Gworomere, Salvania, Gwillym, Miri, Vladimir, and Naomi. After speaking to their past selves, they discover that the future Gworomere, Gwillym, and Vladimir have no recollection of any of this happening to them. They decide to travel back with the future selves to Winterhaven where they rest in Gworomere’s house to only wake up in a field, present time, right where the inn was supposed to be.


KatherineGomez KatherineGomez

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