F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

The Shadowfell Ruins

Gwillym, Vladimir, and Gworomere once again head back towards Winterhaven with their gold they have obtained. Once they arrive, the town seems dark and the villagers seem nervous. Though it is supposed to be midday, the town is strangely empty. The group walk around town, as the villagers close their doors and windows. Once inside Wrafton’s Inn, Salvana is very shifty around them. She does not approach them. As Gworomere once again attempts to speak to Salvana, Gwillym heads for another ale, and Vladimir notices a “Wanted” poster of the three with their names. They immediately attempt to leave to have guards after them. They are able to get away not wanting to harm any of the villagers. Once again, they attempt to find Valthrun hoping to gain a bit more information. They run into Daphnie who seems a bit uneasy as she tells them a brief history of the Keep. Vladimir is quickly able to explain about Orcus and a bit more information that he is able to remember. They are able to find Valthrun as they are traveling with Daphnie only for Daphnie to call him out. They are able to find out that the one underneath the mask is Kalarel and he has been sending them on wild goose hunts. Daphnie is able to tell them that Kalarel is the priest of the town and there is only one church of Avandra in the town. Knowing immediately that they must return to the Keep Ruins, they head out. Daphnie says her goodbyes at the gate as they are able to find the keep once again. This time, as they approach, they get a very dark feeling inside their stomachs. This is the place they need to be. They search around the keep and are able to find a hidden door with a stairway leading down. They follow the steps and enter into a dark room with very few flickering candles. As they open the only door in the room, they are attacks by Goblins and rats. The trio are able to defeat their enemy as they continue on. Gworomere is able to notice goblin speaking the the room to the west so the trio continue on south down some more stairs. The stairs lead down towards a large room that has been dug in. The room has islands connected by planks all around. The bottom of the pit seems about 15 ft deep. The three run into some goblins guarding the room, obviously keeping something safe. After the battle, they notice that here is no other way outside of the room except back up the stairs. As they look around the room, they notice that there is a secret door right next to the bottom of the steps. They enter in the door. The room is pitch black. The three notice nothing except a very foul smell and a small rune. The three examine the rune. Vladimir attempts to figure out the rune as Gworomere and Gwillym grow impatient. Gworomere instructs Gwillym to just “Hit it with your ax!” and he does so. This leads to an invasion of zombies heading their direction. They continue on hitting just about every rune they run into. At this point, they are versing about 30 zombies. Vladimir gets an idea as he continues to hit one of the runes. The three fall through a pit with only 3 zombies falling after them. They defeat the zombies as Gworomere finds a giant pile of gold, gems, and platinum. Vladimir sets notices a hidden wall and is able to break the riddle. The three take as much gold as they can carry and they rest behind the hidden wall. Once they wake up, they head out of the room by its only exit, the other side of the magic wall. They head out of the room and towards some large double doors. On the other side of the doors, they discover an empty room except for 10 massive stone sarcophagi, 5 on each wall across from each other. They find that they contain enchanted skeleton warriors and defeat them. They discover a room behind one of the Sarcophagi. Inside of the room is a single coffin. As they remove the coffin lead, the skeleton jumps forth and threatens the adventurers. They are able to calm the skeleton, they discover to be Sir Keegan. He explains to them the story of the Shadow Keep and attempts to help the adventurer as he knows that the rift is going to once again be opened. He entrust them to stop this and goes back to rest. The three leave the room out of another door. The door leads downward towards the caves. They run into a few more rats but are able to make it out on the other side of a waterfall. They discover and battle an Ochre Jelly. Afterwards, they meet with Daphnie who explains to them how she knows as much as she does. She is truly Valthrun. Her name is Daphnie Valthrun and she has not really been affected by the spell. She wants to help them and that they must return to Winterhaven and head towards the Church of Avandra inside of the town. They must be on their guard. A light flies over towards Winterhaven. The adventurers head out back towards the town of Winterhaven, tired of going in circles.


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