F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

The Shadow Rift

Gworomere, Vladimir, Gwillym, and Salvania all decide, after they have rested to find someway to go. Gworomere notices a hidden door inside of the room with the statues. They enter the room to discover a room full of zombies and ghouls. After they defeat the zombies, they notice a large stairway. Heading down the stairs, the see a very large set of doors. They break in the door and see what seems like a river of blood leading down from and even larger set of doors. They defeat any opposition they faced in the room, mainly priest of Orcus, and head towards the doors. The blood is leaking out of the bottom of the door and Gworomere once again peeks inside of the room. Inside of the room, he sees a dark figure at the top of a stage preforming some ritual with a large pool of blood in the center. Obviously, Kalarel thought of the adventurers entering the room, so Gworomere also sees a set of guards placed around. Gworomere then burst in the doors screaming “KALAREL!”, blowing any cover the trio could have gotten. Vladimir burst in with a magic missile, and Gwillym doesn’t waste any time to head towards Kalarel. After defeating the guards, the rift seems to have opened upwith a large dark creature reaching out of the door. They defeat Kalarel, as watch as he is then sucked into the rift himself. The rift shuts and the trio have then saved the mortal world.


KatherineGomez KatherineGomez

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