F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended


The trio follow the changeling towards the church. He leads them around the back and towards a door in the ground. As soon as the door is opened, the group encounters a bunch of hobgoblins. After the battle, they are led down a dark hallway, only to be ambushed with questions by yet another group of hobgoblins. After tricking the hobgoblin leader that they are there on business, thanks to the changeling who is currently disguised as a young man, they are lead towards a waiting room. Inside of the waiting room, they are then strangely separated by different hobgoblin guards and trapped inside of a torture room. Gwillym immediately attacks and fights the hobgoblins in his room, Vladimir easily tricks them into believing that he is a wizard working for Kalarel, the Changeling easily maneuvers is way out of even being taken into torcher room, and Gworomere informs the guards, with Salvania in the room, that his name is “Froncis”; that he is not the rebel they are looking for. Once maneuvering their way out of the rooms, Vladimir and Gwillym find each other. The only one left to be discovered is Gworomere. Gworomere easily slips, with Salvania, out of the room. The changeling, in panic, flees the building disguised as a hobgoblin.


KatherineGomez KatherineGomez

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