F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

Entering Thunderspire Mountain

Now that the trio, Gwillym, Gworomere, and Vladimir, have separated from the main group of F.A.T.V.O.E, they continue towards Thunderspire Mountain to attempt to defeat the Bloodreavers, but first, they decide to head towards Winterhaven to inform Salvania, Gworomere’s fiancee’, that he is off on another adventure and will be returning soon, hopefully before their wedding in 3 months. While in Winterhaven, Salvania hands Gworomere a piece of parchment that says “Right, not Left.” Salvania wishes the group farewell and they head off to the mountains. Nothing in particular happens during the travels and make it quickly to the entrance of the mountains. They reach a very large gate with a Minotaur in the front. Once inside, the only one who feels at home is Gwillym. They travel through some tunnels and see what seems like to be a ruined city inside the mountains. Everything is rubble and the only life they happen upon are some goblins who are holding a halfling captive. After rescuing the halfling, he informs the trio that he is a young mage from Fallcrest named Rendil. He tells them the little information on what he knows about the Bloodreavers (which is about the Chamber of Eyes), and says that if they need anything to find him in his house just outside of Fallcrest. He returns home. As the trio continue on, they fall through a hole in the in the floor and into a pitch black cavern. Not even Vladimir can light his wand. The trio find their way to a river where they find an elderly dwarven woman singing a song on a small canoe. They join her and let her lead them down the dark river. As they pass, the trio sees images of all of the loved ones until they reached a bright room where they meet up with many dark dwarfs.


KatherineGomez KatherineGomez

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