F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

Daphnie Rests in Peace

After escaping the torture rooms, the trio, with Salvania, finds their way down a large staircase. They walk down a dark, very lightly lit, hallway. The group starts to feel very eerie. The happen upon a door that has a board that has been nailed across the doors. Scrawled on the door in Common is the word “Closed”. They burst the door down, to smell the stench of blood and rotting flesh. The room is darkly lit with only one torch in the room. They discover one small hand holding a very beautiful white flower. Immediately, they all think of Daphnie. Vladimir sets up a small burial for her inside of the room. Gwillym, Salvania, and Gworomere all kneel for a prayer for her to rest. Another ghost of Daphnie appears to them informing them on her death. She thanks them and gives them one last good-bye. Once she is finally at peace, the trio go to leave the room only to be attacked by a couple of corpses along with a gelatinous cube. They defeated the opposition and leave back out of the door they came. The group continues down the eerie hallway. They reach a very large room that vaguely seems like a memorial. The statues in the room all attack once any person gets too close to them. After destroying the statues, they decide its time for a rest.


KatherineGomez KatherineGomez

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