F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

Church of Avandra

Gworomere, Gwillym, and Vladamir are attempting to head backtowards Winterhaven but seem to keep getting lost. Daphine appears ready to help them. As the three are confused on weither or not to trust her, she leads them towards a gate. Salvana happens to be on the other side sitting at a grave. Gworomere attemps to run after her. She seems, this time, able to remember the three. She explains to them that this is her mother’s grave. She just wanted some time to talk with her. In the midst of their discussion, an arrow is shot at the three. There is a large blue rune across the path of the graves. The graves start to rumble, and then realease some skeletons that immeadtly attack them. Though they are able to better the skeletons, more and more continue from the ground. Vladimire finds where the arrows are flying from an elf. She is able to escape, but Gwillym, once again, hits the rune with is ax disabling it. They are able to return to Winterhaven with Salvana’s lead. Once back in Winterhaven, it seems that time has repeated itself once more. Vladmamire is able to discover that the magic is on the specific people of Winterhaven whenever Kalarel whispers a word. The only truble is, they don’t remember a single thing that has happened outside of the gates of Winterhaven. After walking around town for a while, the trio decide to rest inside of Wrafton’s Inn. They request a wake-up call from the barmaids. That morning, they are called upon by a bar maid. She is also carrying three ales for the trio. Gwillym quickly grabs one of the ales only to be stopped by Gworomere. He as realised that the ales are poisened. A barmaid walks up and says that that elf dosen’t work here. She runs down the stairs to be only stopped by Vladamir. They quickly dispose of her without an issue. They also discover a note on her by Kalarel stating that he wants the adventures dead. Distract them and keep them outside of Winterhaven. With Daphnie/Valthrun dead, they have no lead. The town seems to be a bit more upbeat then before. The “Wanted” posters have disappeared, and they walk around without any problem. Once they return to Wrafton’s Inn, they meet up with what appears to be Daphnie. She informs them that there is a meeting tonight after the gates are completely shut. They rest and quickly head towards the meeting. They run into a young man who is white of skin, hair, and eyes. He informs them that he is a changeling and there to help the trio. He was sent by Daphnie to assist them to defeat the main evil. They accept his help. He informs them that he knows where he is needed and shows them towards the church.


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