F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

A Year Before

The trio start up exactly where they left off: Gworomere is in the process of attempting to find some way out of the hallway, knowing that they can’t return to the library as he ignores the image of Salvania speaking to him; Gwillym is currently freaking out at the many different types of ghosts speaking to him, he is completely unknowing on what to do in the situation; while Vladimir is speaking to the statue of Naomi. Gworomere coldly ignores the statue speaking to him, he seems completely unwilling to acknowledge the statue, knowing they are in one of the 9 Hells. As he realizes that there is just about no way out, he sees poor Gwillym freaking out about ghosts. Gwillym is currently seeing the ghosts of dwarfs who are begging for his helping. Telling him they need him and he must fulfill is destiny, while some scream in pain at the horror of being tortured. Gwillym starts to panic, taking out his ax and hoping to tear apart the existence of the ghosts. Gworomere walks up to him, and attempts to convince him that whatever Gwillym is seeing, doesn’t exists. To prove to Gwillym that they are just apart of the torcher in Hell, Gworomere stabs the Salvania statue which sends it rumbling to the ground. Gworomere then tells Gwillym that they are in Hell; anything and everything they see isn’t real. He tells him to ignore everything. Just as he says that, another Gworomere walks up claiming to be the real Gworomere. Gwillym is very confused and attempts to figure out the real Gworomere by asking questions, only for both to be correct. In the mean time, Vladimir was speaking to a statue of his old girlfriend, Naomi. She informs him that all of Vladimir’s village and everyone he cares about was destroyed by the lich as he took over the fey 4 years ago. Vladimir is heart broke and promises revenge for all that he loves. Just as the Naomi statue starts harden, Gworomere appears to him informing him that there are many illusions that aren’t real. Vladimir questing if that is the real Gworomere since there are many illusions, sense no form of magic of him. The two look over and see another Gworomere speaking to Gwillym and stabs a Salvania statue. Then, the Gworomere with Vladimir walks over to Gwillym. Vladimir then sense magic on the Gworomere that stabbed the Salvania statue. Vladimir informs them that the other Gworomere isn’t real and to just get rid of it. There is a bit more arguing when a small child appears. She seems only about 4 years old and speaks to the trio as if she was a young adult. She has dirty blonde hair, appears to be human, and claims that her name is Calina. Calina informs the trio that not everything is as it appears and to trust nothing. She snaps and makes the other Gworomere disappear, revealing all that is real in the room. Calina disappears, but behind the trio, where there was a dead end, is not an open room. They walk into the room filled with a bit of horror. There are skeletons all about the room, human remains all about. Some skeletons reach out of the wall, all leaning towards this one main statue, which appears to be as the others, but with purple robes and a crown. The trio check the room out, looking for any way out of the room. They attempt to leave, only to realize that the entrance into the room has been closed. Gwillym starts to feel even more off then he did before. He feels tired, very lethargic like. Just then, the royal like statue starts to animate into a female. She steps down and informs the trio that her name is Bala Moongem. As they are speaking to her, asking her questions about what part of Hell they are in, Gwillym starts to loose it. He sees all of the ghosts around him and they are screaming in pain. Gwillym starts to panic, grabbing his head and screaming. The statue of Bala walks over to him and asks if she trusts him, as he says yes, she kisses him and Gwillym passes out. Vladimir and Gworomere watch as the statue then walks back on on her pedestal and becomes a statue again. Gworomere slaps Gwillym awake, and he is as if he was never harmed, as if he has taken an extended rest. Then, the skeletons all about the room start to fall and move towards them, crawling and attempting to grab onto the three. They attempt to fight for a second, but nothing seems to work. More and more start to come towards them, different bones their direction. Gwillym starts playing around with the arms of one, as flesh starts to appear onto it. The skeleton then forms into Daphnie Valthrun. All of the skeletons stop and Daphnie looks at them. She seems to have no clue who they are and just keeps asking for their orders. They hear a very large woman laughing loudly. They order a keg of dwarven ale, thinking this is yet another dream or illusion. Gworomere pays very generously, gaining the attention of the owner of the inn. Salvania Wrafton walks up to them, flirting a bit. She tries to get their purses, failing in the process. Vladimir checks around, and he knows for a fact that they are not in Hell, they are back in the town of Winterhaven. The trio start up in a huge argument about their location. To prove it is an illusion or dream, Gworomere stabs the closes villager near him causing a panic in the tavern attached to the inn. People run out as Salvania screams at the two. Gworomere threatens her, claiming that she is not real. Vladimir has him off of her and leaves the room. Gwillym, then realizes that his purse is gone, and threatens Salvania as well. She and Gwillym have a minor disagreement, but she returns his money. To assure that it is not stolen again, Gwillym ties it to his private parts, where he knows they will not be taken again. The trio leave the inn as guards arrive to tend to the scene in Wrafton’s Inn. Vladimir speaks to Salvania and tells her that they are from the future. To prove it, they must get the approval from her father, Elian Wrafton. They visit Elian, again, but this time, he makes sense. He gives the trio the exact same information as before, but this time, everything makes sense. He doesn’t seem crazy. He tells the trio that they are now ready, and tells them about what is happening. They find out, the map they discarded, makes sense. It is two different worlds, the exact same mortal realm, but they are intertwined, there is a loop. Also, there are 13 keys they need to find in order to find out exactly how to save it all. The map continues to show 6 other drawings of the map, over time, but as the map continues, it shows both worlds being destroyed. He gives them one of the keys, which is a blue orb. The trio remember everything that he has said. Gworomere then realizes that Elian knew Salvania was going to die, and never informed him. Elian informs them, that they are exactly one year ahead of when they will show up in Winterhaven to save the town, even to the hour, one year. If they can defeat the lich, before terrible things happen, they save it all. One thing is certain, Salvania must die in order for everything for the realms to be saved. They are also informed, they CAN NOT run into their younger selves. Elian then goes and speaks to Salvania. She comes in and tells the trio that, for some reason, she gave the guards a false description and that they are welcome to stay in the best room she has at the inn for a year. They agree and head there. Gworomere still doesn’t believe that that is his Salvania. They get into yet another debate about who Gworomere is. He has just about become desperate to either realize it is a dream, or hold and kiss this Salvania. Gworomere then pays and begs for her to come outside of the gates, knowing that there is a spell on the town to make them forget everything within a 3 day period. To convince her, Gworomere tells her about how she loves purple flowers, and that the main reason she loves them is because they remind her of her deceased mother. That she feels like, though she is a thief, that picking the flowers brings out the bit of the feminine side from her mother. Hearing that personal of information, she follows them outside of the gates of town where they inform her that they are from the future. They tell here that they have come back to save everything, that she will marry Gworomere, and that she will die if they don’t help her. She runs off towards the graveyard right outside of Winterhaven. Gworomere knows exactly where she is going. They follow her and she her knelling at her mother’s grave. After telling her that he loves her, how else would he know her secrets, another grave appears next to her mother’s: Salvania’s grave, as if it was always there. Gworomere talks to her about what has happened to him, that he loves her so much, and hands her the key, the same key that she will later on give to the younger Gworomere that helps him save Winterhaven. He tells her that she must give it back to him. They, also, tell her how she is supposed to die, Gworomere once again acting coldly, and even more lost by the situation, she runs off crying. They argue a bit more about what direction they need to go, when Daphnie appears. She speaks to them a bit about where they are from, and Gwillym tells her about Froncis and their group. She informs them that there is a man named Froncis in town. They have to meet him. She skips off to tell the past Froncis about his “vanquishers of evil” who are in town. After they return to Wrafton’s Inn, they notice the tavern is, yet again, very busy. There is a handsome, blonde, young man standing on one of the tables singing to the crowd of Winterhaven. The trio immediately recognize him as Froncis. They speak to him about who they are, and for some reason, he believes them. Gwillym informs him on the group he is supposed to be with and Froncis informs Gwillym that he thinks the barmaid and the owner of the inn, Salvania, is very cute. Gworomere threatens him, telling him to not lay a hand on Salvania. Froncis ignores. He heads to the bar, and decides to hit on the barmaid first. Salvania brings the trio the key they bought earlier and heads over to speak to Froncis. They flirt a little, but instead of stealing his gold, Salvania and Froncis leave the inn. After a bit of time has passed, Froncis and Salvania return. Froncis then continues to hit on her, to only be shot down. Froncis returns to Gwillym, Vladimir, and Gworomere telling them about the time and place that he needs to appear at. Gwillym tells him about Foss, his father, Jace, the dragon-born, and Miri. Gwillym also tells Froncis that Miri loves magic, loves to be hit on and treated like a lady, and that if she acts like she doesn’t like him, to be persistent and that she really does like him (which she hates all of). Froncis notes it and takes off. The trio head towards their room. Immediately, Gworomere sits down, once again trying to figure out what is going on while Gwillym and Vladimir discuss the situation. At around 4 that morning, the trio is awakened by Salvania telling them that Kalarel knows they are there and needs to leave the Inn, she says that they can return later in the evening. The three leave the inn and head outside of town, just to be safe. They set up a tent and rest. Not too far away from them, they see another tent. Gworomere and Vladimir walk over, not trusting since the last incident in they fey with abandon campsites, only to find Miri. At this point in time, Miri and Gwillym are dating. She is ecstatic to see Gwillym and Gwillym is very happy to see her. Confused, Vladimir and Gworomere ask a few questions (because the last time they saw Miri, she seemed to hate Gwillym while Gwillym had no idea why). She tells Gwillym that she can’t join them because she needs to go meet with her father, but asks if she and Gwillym can, after she leaves Hammerfast, meet up near the northern tribes in about a month. Gwillym promises (not knowing that this is past Miri and that he can’t meet up with her later on). Miri rests with them, and heads off towards Hammerfast. The trio once again meet Daphnie. While Gwillym and Gworomere argue again, Gworomere once again not wanting to believe that his Salvania is alive and Gwillym about wanting to save everything, Daphnie and Vladimir talk. Daphnie says she believes them, about being from the future. She tells him that everything happens that is needed to happen. She also tells him to not trust anything and to remember the saying “The blessed full moon will rise again.” She says that saying will cause the spell to affect you and to forget and reset like the rest of the town. She also tells Vladimir to remember “Circles are Squares and Squares and Triangles.” She skips off to pick flowers. The trio decide to head over to Elian’s house once again. Elian tells the trio, after being interrupted by a poor girl who’s father was killed, that the map is their key to save everything. They must defeat the lich. He starts to tell them more, but then says that they are not ready and to return to him later when they are. Gworomere, tired of running in circles, threatens Elian and begs for a way to save Salvania. He says that he will sacrifice himself if he has too, he just can’t live through her dying again. Elian says the only way to save her, is, after she dies, to save her from hell, but he must defeat the lich first. Gworomere threatens to kill himself, desperate to be with Salvania again, but Gwillym stops him. Elian then tells them, with a dark voice, to head to the Inn. They follow his orders and head off towards Wrafton’s Inn. They notice that, thought it is noon, the lights are all out in the inn and there is a closed sign on the door. Everything is close, the inn and the tavern. Gworomere picks the lock. All of the lights are off inside of the Inn, but there is one door, quite a little ways off, with a small light shining from beneath the door. They close the door behind them and head towards the door. Gworomere checks the door for traps and listens in. Thinking someone is being tortured, Vladimir instructs Gwillym to burst down the door. He does so, and realizes the door was unlocked. They see Salvania sitting on her bed and Gworomere immediately notices that she was crying. Unable to stand this any longer, Gworomere drops his weapons trying to figure out what is going on. Gwillym starts to speak to him, wanting to help his friend. Gworomere tells Gwillym that he knows that’s his love and that he would do anything to be with her again. He begs for Gwillym’s help to have her fall in love with him again. He doesn’t care if this Salvania is one a year before he meets her, he would just do anything. The only reason he doesn’t want to believe it’s real is because he doesn’t know if he can lose her again. He can’t watch it happen all over again. With everything that has already happened to him, he is just too confused on what is real and what isn’t. At the same time, Salvania is informing Vladimir that she can’t stand this. She can’t stand seeing, not only someone who loves her so much suffer, but two friends. She knows they are suffering. Vladimir says that though Gworomere is suffering the most because she was his wife, but that he and Gwillym are suffering because they lost a very close friend. Salvania tells Vladimir that she doesn’t want to die, shes tired of everyone so upset and she has no clue why she cares so much. She then decides to make them hate her. She throws a dagger at Gworomere’s shoulder, just as Gwillym and Gworomere make a pact to have this Salvania love him again. She then runs over to Gwillym and grabs the very bottom of his beard. Right at the bottom where it is tied, she cuts it off. She then starts shaking and threatens to cut off the top, removing all of the beard. Gwillym notices that she is shaking and begging for someone, someone not in the room, to not make her do it. She drops the dagger and steps back. Gworomere knocks her down on the ground, removing his dagger in his shoulder and lifts his short sword, hoping to stab this “false Salvania”. Gwillym and Vladimir both attempt to stop him, but he quickly doges. Salvania looks up at him, he drops the sword, but then picks up a crossbow on the dresser. He cocks it wanting to kill her, but she leans up and kisses him. Gworomere lowers his hands and slowly starts to kiss her back. Salvania then leans over and whispers something only the Salvania in the future would know. He lets go everything in his hands, releasing the crossbow, and the arrow goes into his knee. He falls to the ground. At this moment, Gwillym notices that he door is opened and there are two beautiful angel statues standing at the door. He ignores it. Vladimir and Gworomere look over and see the angels are closer. Vladimir remarks on the statues, but Salvania says she doesn’t own any. The statues then come closer and animate towards them to attack.


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