F.A.T.V.O.E - Extended

A New Mission; A New Adventure

Now that the rift is closed, Kalarel is dead, the town of Winterhaven’s spell has been lifted. Everyone seems to remember everything that has gone on and Gwillym, Gworomere, and Vladimir are now considered heroes. In honor of them, the town has given the trio some houses and a 1,000 pieces of gold each. Added with the riches obtained in the dungeon, Gworomere has decided put some of his platinum in the bank here in Winterhaven. Gworomere, now with Salvania at his side, has decided to settle down for a while in the town, Gwillym with no objections. Vladimir has decided that he will meet up with the other 2 in time while he does some searching of his own. 6 months has passed since their venture with Kalarel, and the trio has made themselves at home. Gworomere has made himself at home inside of Wrafton’s Inn while Gwillym makes merry wherever he sees fit. Gworomere is currently engaged to Salvania and none can be happier. Gwillym with his dwarven gut, tells Gworomere that he feels that he needs to head towards his home in the North. Deciding things have been too quiet for some time, Gworomere and Gwillym venture off towards Fallcrest to stock up on supplies to head out towards the North. Since they have decide to spend some time in the town, Gworomere opens another bank account, leaving only a few hundred platinum at the bank, and buying himself a small house. While venturing around in Fallcrest, the two run into an old friend, Vladimir, who has had no success in making his way back to his home. Now that the trio is reunited, they decide to enter in a bar. While inside, Gworomere is met with a friend he hasn’t seen in quite some time: Froncis. Froncis has made himself, as usual, open to the crowed around him. Gwillym then notices two adventures who are with Froncis immediately. One his own father, Foster (Foss), and another, his old girlfriend, whom he hasn’t seen in quite some time, Miri. Vladimir also meets up with an old friend that he met when he first entered the mortal realm, a dragonborn named Jace. Gworomere the only one upset with meeting a failure face, fails in attempting to get his group to leave. While drinking, the group decides to join Froncis’s group and name themselves Froncis and the Vanquishers of Evil, or F.A.T.V.O.E. F.A.T.V.O.E, now consisting of Miri, Foss, Gwillym, Jace, Vladimir, Gworomere, and Froncis decides since both parties are all heading north, to join each other in travels. The next morning, while leaving Fallcrest, the group notices a very familiar face, Padriag, the paladin who sent them to Winterhaven in the first place. He informs the group about an organization known as the Bloodreavers. They don’t seem too far off from Winterhaven and the duergars. Gwillym and his group agree on the mission. While heading north between Thunderspire Mountain and Fallcrest, the group runs into some goblins, which they quickly destroy. The group of F.A.T.V.O.E decides to split, Miri, Froncis, Foss, and Jace in one group, and Gworomere, Gwillym, and Vladimir in another.


KatherineGomez KatherineGomez

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